Agrigento is an Italian city, which is located on the south coast of Sicily. It is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Sicily.

This city is known as one of the most important cities in Magna Grecia during the Golden Age of ancient Greece.

In the morning:

Valley of the Temples (Valle dei Templi)
Considered a UNESCO World Heritage, this archaeological place is one of the most famous historical places in Sicily and an unmissable attraction. The park has 8 temples, all built between 510 and 430 BC. The two best known are the temple of Concord and the temple of Hera, also known as the temple of Juno.

Agrigento Historic Center
The historic center is a pleasant place to take a stroll, with its beautiful churches and beautiful streets.



This restaurant offers typical Sicilian dishes, such as arancini, pizza or foccacia. The dishes are simple but delicious and the price / quality ratio is very good.

In the afternoon:

Scala dei Turchi

Located west of Agrigento, in Realmonte, Scala dei Turchi is a white limestone cliff carved in the form of a stairway by wind and sea. The contrast between the cliff’s whiteness and the turquoise water is striking.

Punta Bianca Nature Reserve

The Punta Bianca Nature Reserve is located 40 minutes from Agrigento; however, it is less touristy and very beautiful. In this reserve, there is the Castello di Montechiaro, located by the sea.

In the late afternoon, enjoy a spritz (Italian drink) at the OceanoMare bar, located on San Leone beach.

In the night:
You can choose to go to the Cafè Girasole, where you can order whatever drinks you want, and snacks are offered by the establishment. Or to go a restaurant, for example:

Kalos Restaurant –
Located in the heart of Agrigento, it offers pure traditional Sicilian dishes (homemade pasta and desserts, local products, among others), with an elegant and refined presentation at an affordable price.

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