Located in the North of Portugal (above Oporto), this small gracious city has a lot to offer for those who visit them. Here’s my list of the absolute musts for a perfect one-day trip in the “Portuguese Rome”:

(FUN FACT: Braga is called the “Portuguese Rome” because of its enormous number of churches. It has more than 365 churches and chapels so you can literally visit a different church everyday without repeating anyone!)

In the Morning:

  • Braga’s Sé Cathedral
  • Arco da Porta Nova, and since you’re there go try Braga’s famous sweet “Tíbia” on the Tíbias Café next to the Arco da Porta Nova
  • Santa Bárbara Garden
  • Biscainhos Museum and take a walk of the museum’s lovely garden for free
  • Central Avenue and Theatro Circo
  • Nogueira da Silva Museum (photography exhibitions for free) and go for a walk on its hidden beautiful garden also for free
  • Républica Plaza

For Lunch:

Time To Restaurant: Great food and comfy space with really good prices for menus during lunch

In the Afternoon:
Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary: it takes more than 500 stairs to arrive (but the view is totally worth it) so my advice is to go up in the 1800’s water elevator and come down by the stairs. Perfect place to see the sunset!

At Night:
Go for a “fino” (beer) in the Sé’s bars and try Café Mavy for a cool environment with great music.

Written by Carolina Ramon Da Fonseca

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