Turin is the fourth most populated city of Italy. It is situated in the norwest of the country and while walking through the city centre you can see the beautiful Alps mountains. 

In the morning 

– Mole Antonelliana

Symbol of Turin, is possibly the tallest museum of the world, that houses the National Museum of Cinema. A part of the incredibly cultural value, the Mole offers an extra experience: you can see Turin from the panoramic lift on the top of the building. Of course, there is no excuse not to visit the museum if you are in Turin! 

– Museo Egizio (Egyptian Museum)

This is the oldest museum in the world, entirely dedicated to Neolithic civilization, the most important Egyptian Museum after Cairo’s one. Entering the museum, you will be captivated by the majesty of ancient mummies and pyramids reconstructions. Needless to say, this is another compulsory stop. 

While you are in the city centre you must walk until Piazza Castello, through Via Garibaldi and Via Roma.

During lunch 

– Bruschetteria Pautasso

Bagna Cauda is a typical plate from Piemonte. It is delicious, made of vegetables and nuts. You should stop here if you want to try it.

In the afternoon 

– Parco del Valentino
That’s a big beautiful park. You can come here to have a walk, relax, take photos of the amazing nature around you.

– Basilica di Superga
From this hill, you will be able to see the entire city. If you go around 19, city lights will enchant you.

In the night 

– Da Gino Pizza 

Here you can try the best farinata of the city. Farinata is a low cake made of chickpeas, generally eaten before pizza. 

– La voglia matta 

This is a small ice-cream parlor 15 minutes from the centre. It is well known for its delicious tiramisú ice-cream and it is just 2 euros! Run! 

– Magical Mystery Tour
Turin is well-known for being part of the black magic triangle (with London and San Francisco). If you like esotericism and mystery, you should note down the mysterious places of Turin and have a magical tour with your friends.  

Article and photo by Alice Buttitta

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