Sexual education means educating adults or people of any age about the positive sexual attitudes, age appropriate information, skills and values. Sexual education is not only important for developing positive attitudes but also to prevent from the danger of falling into bad habits. In today’s world easy access to technology and vast amount of free sexual content on online media attracts adult people in their early teens. Thus, teenagers do not have to depend on others to gain such content. This availability of free data without any code of conduct is harming young people. They are misusing the information, and no one knows it.

In this situation education institutes should provide proper sexual education. Sex education should not only be for kids but also for parents so that they can create a healthy environment at home.

On the other side talking about sex and sexual attitudes is still a taboo in our societies. Parents do not feel it necessary to talk with their kids about the body needs and sexual attitudes. In results, young people depend on their peers to talk about the changings happening with their bodies and overall situations. Governments should introduce comprehensive programs for parents, teachers and students to build their positive attitudes towards sexual attitudes and needs.

The purpose of sexual education is to build positive attitude among young people towards sexual behaviors, skills and values to have safe, fulfilling and healthy relationships and to take responsibility for their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Sexual education can prevent the diseases, early pregnancies, child birth issues and emotional and psychological effects.

Sexual education is imperative for a healthy society because bad sexual attitude is not only about one preparator, but it is about many victims and it leaves its effect on next generations.

Writen by Nabeela Khalid

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