Elections for young population


Nowadays living in the world of internet makes the relations different. The number of people who thinks about common good decreases day by day. On the other hand, being part of the community could be difficult sometimes. Especially when we are young. The youth represents new ideas so that usually they are the part of society that needs to be understood by governors. As a member of the community, if young people think there are things to be changed inside the society, the most powerful action would be to vote.  With elections all the citizen have a chance to make difference and decide on their future. 

When it comes to talk about elections, people complain about insufficient political aspects of parties, corruptions, main stream media which is related with governments and so on. The one who doesn’t want to vote is usually the one doesn’t believe in change with elections. Firstly, even if we don’t believe in change in political system, we can change the leader who is in charge of. For example, with an open minded and adaptive political party leader, youth can connect and change more things about general trends. Also, in my country people say “Every political party leader connects with corruption; the important part is how he/she contributes to the society.” This sentence normalizes the corruption and insults the judicial system in the country.  It sounds horrible, for me also, but it shows one fact that nobody is perfect. After more realization of political party leaders, to be part of a better society, we need to choose one of the options. Additionally, political representatives are usually from old generations who defend old fashion ideas. Some of them, just after one election session, change even the ideology to take more advantage on the elections. To get rid of the people who care only about their power and seat, the youth can be part of the change: in a way of voting.

Make an effort to have more opportunity to represent yourself inside the society is possible with voting. In the last decade, the most important topics like global warming, gender equality, technological changes and effects of the world were discussed by youngs. Then global powers, governments and even the election campaigns influenced by these ideas. It means we can affect the society with our new aspects. Besides, if young people are aware of the power they have with voting, they would participate more in the elections. So in society, in universities, in NGOs and social activities we should talk about the benefits of voting in different aspects.  Lastly there is a simple rule in daily life:  If we don’t try, we can not win. So we should vote first to earn our rights which are totally adapted to new trends of the youth.

As a member of the society, the youth has one thing decide for it: voting. The changes they need could be possible. The gap between generations will be reconciled with their effort and their leading. If we are not part of the solution, we will be part of the problem. To be part of the solution, especially young people,  locomotive of the society needs to participate in elections.

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