Encourage Young People to Stand in EPs Elections


European Parliament (EP) is the EU’s only Directly-elected institution an important forum for political debate and decision-making at the EU level. EP promotes democratic decision making, advocating democracy, freedom of speech and fair elections across the globe. Currently, there are 751 MEPs in EP representing European Citizens across the continent.

Every five years EU citizens choose their representatives in the European Parliament through their votes. The minimum age to stand for EP election varies from 18 to 25 years old according to national laws. According to European Parliamentary Research Service currently the average age of EP members is 55 years, with the oldest member aged 89 and the youngest 29

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A good share of young representation in European parliament would mean better protection of the interests of young people and up-to-dated programs for young people according to their needs and interests. Young people are passionate and ambitious. They think holistically and act holistically. Young people understand problems of their parents and grandparents they also are aware with the needs of their next generations. Thus, young people in parliament are the best advocates for everyone.

The current global issues such as climate change, cyber security etc., are very new to everyone however, elderly people seem to be skeptical about these issues. Young people are aware and equipped with the required knowledge and skills to cope with emerging needs and issues of the nations. Young people are the advocates of human rights and they are more acceptable towards different minorities and ethnicities. We need more young people in parliament to design innovative and more effective policies.

Promotion of youth political participation in EU is necessary for better policy formulation, accountability and to prepare future leaders to lead the continent as a successful model to fight against, climate change, environmental issues, racism, corruption, violation of human rights, economic crises, unemployment and refugee’s crisis. However, the young parliaments need the experience of elderly experienced leaders. For this purpose, mentorship programs should introduce by elderly people to prepare young parliaments to cope with emerging and already existing challenges with risk avoiding strategies.

This article was writted by Nabeela from Pakistan living in Germany

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