About us

After more than 50 years of peace and progress isn’t possible think a world without UE. However, we can’t deny that European Union have still a long path to walk on to put in practice all that nice world written in its Charter of Fundamental Right, it is based on.

Because of this we think the true question isn’t yes or no, inside of outside European Union, but “What UE we want?”

To answer properly to this question, we can’t exclude or silence young people voice. On the contrary, we need to work hard to make their voice laud and laud and involve them in the transformation process of the Unión. Who better than Erasmus generation (whom have partners from another country, in raising a child who born in a country is not the one of his parents, is volunteering, studying, working in a different European country from his/her own) can understand the feeling of being European? Who can be more motivated to build a better Union than them?

After a long research, we discover there aren’t so much magazine centred in young people vision of European Union, too few telling their stories in a commune language, asking their opinion about how UE is working and how it should change.

With the aim, to give back  to young european their voice, with different opinion, stories, age, background, Youth Organization Mille Cunti decided to work, inside the European Voluntary Service project “United in Diversity”,in the Magazine “ESC Youth Change Europe”.

A magazine that is your magazine because it tells your story, make visible your opinion and where you can participate just writing us an email.

Help us to change Europe, help us to make your voice be heard. Participate!