Who are you? Present yourself.

My name is Ralitsa Sabinova Sapundzhieva, i am from Bulgaria, I am 26 years old. I have a bachelor degree in psychology.

Why did you choose to do an Erasmus Plus Traineeship project?

I wanted to do an erasmus project because i wanted to have this experience, to know what is it like, the other thing is that I wanted to practice my skills that i got in the univercity. I wanted to live abroad and to know more about the culture of another country and to learn to speak new language.

Why in Spain with Mille Cunti? 

I wanted to have my erasmus plus project in Spain because i already have studied spanish in high school so I wanted to see if i could use it and to improve it and I also like the country and it traditions so I wanted to know more about it. I choose Mille Cunti because I found the things that they were doing very interesting and they have a lot of variety you could spend time in different unities and to work with people from different ages and requirements.  

What were your tasks during the internship?

I had to prepare activities for all the unities that we were going and then i had to do them along with the other volunteers. We had activities in a health centre where we did games about memory. We went to eating disorder centre, where we made topics about knowledge and education. We worked with teenagers, kids and with people in the daly hospital.  We also took part in ¨Tandem¨which was a meeting where you could speak with native speaker in the language that you would like to learn. We had the opportunity to participate in two events that the association was doing. One of them was about the organization the other one was about mental health prevention.

Did you learn something? Did this experience improve your personal and professional profile?

Yes, for sure this experience helped me a lot, I learned a lot about the work with different kinds group of people, what are their needs and how to approach them. I learned a lot about the team work, how to support each other when you work with more people. How to prepare different kind of activities for different purposes. How to be more organized and helpful. 

What would you like to do after this experience?

I would like to work in this field, i would like to do job that helps other people. Especially I am interested in working with people with disorders and elderly people.

Did the internship change somehow your prospective about role/ contribution of psychology in society? 

Definitely now i have a clearer perspective of  what is it like to work with people who are in need. Psychology is very important because it improves people’s lives and fighting against the stigma around mental issues.

What would you like to tell to a person that is wondering to start or not a similar experience?     

I would say to do it and not to hesitate it because this can only help you develop new skills and give you more opportunities in his life. It’s an amazing experience which you can not do every day so it worth it!

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