“Learning by doing” lifestyle


Phrase learning by doing is very famous and real. Well, in some cases it is not worthy to be famous. Wouldn’t it be better to wake up one day and know everything? Of course, but not in this case.  

Paying the bills, doing housework, driving a nail into the wall, setting plants into the ground and many other activities sound for all age groups different. Those who were born in the seventies, eighties or nineties are pretty friendly with them; however, 2000s kids are more friendly with technologies. There is a very big gap between those generations when talking about life skills. What older generation considers as very important for their lives is not very necessary for “new” generation. What is true? Do we really need that much technology´s issue or we should prefer old school tasks? The answer is only up to us.

It is true that we study subjects like maths, biology or history, well, education and those knowledges are important but why we do not study life skills – paying bills, taxes or even how to buy train tickets. It seems like very easy but many people struggle with all mentioned above because there are not life lessons for us. We learn everything on the hoof. It is nothing bad but truly, wouldn’t it be easier to learn it at school? We live in time when education should be a priority for the government, do not we? Education is core of everything, but not education that does not lead us to success life. Education about life skills is missing a lot to everyone but mostly to “new” generation called 2000s kids. Our society is supposed to be built on effective education with strong impact for those new generation that are light future not only for our society but also for our planet. It is the basic core of everything because if core is well inserted then we all are well heading. Yes, when talking about all this mentioned above, I mean simple tasks, that are necessary for us, because there is no one who can survive without food, but there is not the same amount of people who can provide food by themself. Is it that hard or we are just too lazy to do it and we prefer buying than making?

Written by Radka Malinčáková from Slovaquia

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