How many times do we realize that we are not able of doing something simple like preparing something to eat?

As children we are used get to the fact that everyone is made by our parents and this simplifies our lives. Then we realize when we are adults that we have many difficulties such as how to clean, how to cook, how to solve some things about documents and various things.

Many years ago as children, the girls were used to learning to cook, to clean the house while the children were taught things about handicrafts.

I think it would be a good idea if all of us as small  as learn everything that helps us to live well and not always ask for help. Surely many times have passed that for studies or work the young  had to move elsewhere and the early times was in difficulty for certain things at home because he/she did not know very well where to start. In my service European volunteering I am realizing that living alone without parents is not so easy because what they used to do, like cooking or buying that I think is the most complicated.

I would like to approfondir the point about the purchase, because it seems simple but in really, it is not, at first you find yourself buying to buy a lot of food because you still do not know the quantity very well and not only, do you have to be careful with your money and learn to manage it. What I do, I think, can be very useful to a young person who lives alone for the first time, it helps you a lot to grow.

I was also reading about the fact that in Finland they have introduced a system where they teach students home economics and, among other things, artigianato and learn about digital skills.

What can I say? I think it’s a good idea, I think sometimes in school it’s not only important to learn subjects such as literature, mathematics, etc, but also to teach us to live in the future. It seems exceptional to me that new generations could learn to clean house, take care of nature by recycling and not spending water; being able to learn to fix something they need without asking for help and something that is also very important for me is learning to use a computer or better said to use the Internet so that there is no more bullying and not only, so that youth learn what is true and what is not.

I think that this type of system should put it in every school in each country because it can make life easier for us.

We have to remember that in life not only theory but also practice.

Article writted by Alessia Barracca from Italy

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