Talking about sexual education is quite normal nowadays but it makes shy many of us. It should be not like that. The topic is very current and should be more discussed mainly between young people.

Education is the inseparable part of human being. From being a child, we learn many subjects in school. They are maths, language, biology, geography, art, physics and many others. All of them are important to study because they give us a lot of information needed to be involved in society from the point of view of education but also they refer to our intelligence. There are these kinds of situation when we are asked by someone, for example, about the important event in the history of our country and we have no idea about the answer, we feel ashamed. It is the same with sexual education.

The thing is that people are ashamed even to hear this word. Why word  ´sexual´ is that hard to talk for them? Is it about not having enough information about the topic or it is just human silliness? This is one of the most important topics to talk about, while talking about education, mainly with adults. They are in the age when all facts about sex are useful for them. In the past, to give birth at age of about 20 years was totally normal quite required and nowadays it is not such common as in the past; however, there are still cases when it happens not because the baby is expected exactly, on the contrary, the baby is not expected. It can be called accident which originated exactly because of the lack of sexual education.

There are many statistics pointing to the average age of teen pregnancy and one of them is a web portal called Euronews. There is information about the country with the highest number of most teenage mothers.Romania and Bulgaria have the highest proportion of teenage mothers in the European Union, new figures have revealed.” Two neighbouring countries with the same problem. “Nearly 1,000 births in Bulgaria and Romania in 2015 were to girls between the ages of 10 and 14.” The numbers are extremely high when we look at the age. What is the problem? There could be more reason why it is like that. Rape, no interest from parents, lack of sexual education, imprudence and many others cause pregnancy. The most relevant is the lack of sexual education. All the numbers from statistics say that the situation is quite dangerous.

Being pregnant at age of 15 is like very hard because of 15 years old girl is still a child. However, sexual education is not only about pregnancy, but they also do not even know how they can get pregnant and how to protect them from it. However, sexual education is not only about the pregnancy. There are many cases where we can meet something with a sexual touch, even literature. Many books got their popularity just because of sexuality and crazy hormones of teenagers. Topics connected with sex is a lure for them, but honestly, it can be dangerous if they do not have any borders.

There are many impulses that make teenagers crazy everywhere around us; therefore, we should start with learning process with the basics and put sexual education into time schedules because it maybe does not seem to be important but it is more than important. Our kids are our future; therefore, let’s take care of them.

Written by Radka Malinčáková from Slovaquia

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