Make Difference by changing the Climate Change

Photo by Bob Blob on Unsplash

Photo by Bob Blob on Unsplash

Although climate change feels as though it will be in an uncertain future, it has begun to live its effects deeply. Nature is suffering due to our life style and consumption frenzy. Not far future soon, even NOW the effects of our behaviours give us direct or indirect ways in daily life in terms of Climate Change.

As we know, climate change causes many negative events such as rising sea levels, temperature changes and air pollution. Global warming is precisely the increase in temperature with the condensation of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases in the air. This causes drought in some parts of the world due to overheating of the air, and in some parts it causes flooding with excessive rainfall. This means that the drought is reduced with the irrigation water coming along with the floods, which means serious damage to the crop. Our most valuable source of water is in serious danger.

The cause of the great wars in the world today is water-borne because very little water in the world is drinkable. Drought destroys the habitat of many species and causes unforeseen forest fires. These factors cause climate change; animal species are in grave danger, like polar bears living in glaciers, bees that play a major role in the formation of almost all the food we eat today, and coral reefs that are more vital than trees in oxygen production.…

And as it was not enough that our winters were not the same as before, we were faced with the extreme heat of summer. You appreciate that all living things survive in a certain temperature range.  There are efforts made with global warming which is a threat to humanity worldwide!!! But its adequacy is discus. As an individual, we can list what we can do: To reduce the number of cars and airplanes, to turn to ‘green’ energy producers, to pay attention to what we eat and what we buy.

We can change the way we travel. We should use more bicycles, for example, there is no gas release.  Insulation system should be used in houses and use the heat of the outside instead of using machinery for drying clothes. Energy-saving 🙂 In addition, awareness should be raised against agriculture, forest protection, waste and waste management. Everything we buy has a trace of a carbon formed either by the production method or by the transportation of the product. The simplest example is the clothing industry. The fact that the rapid change in fashion reduces the wear and durability of the garments also contributes to this high rate. Importing from distant countries by taking long roads is also one of the factors increasing the amount of carbon. In addition, some producers produce off-season products in intensive greenhouses, which create an extra burden. Therefore, it is necessary to consume the products grown in our region and seasonal products.

We can reduce red meat consumption. When these animals digest, they release methane into the environment!!We must be very careful in all areas with energy consumption. We need to work hard and take social awareness and participation in social projects seriously. We need to raise a generation to produce, not to consume. Why do we take these precautions? If serious steps are not taken, what awaits us in the future?

Sea level will rise from 3 to 4 meters as a reflection of global warming. The deserts will have a tropical climate and the world’s liveable places will be deserted. Water resources will be destroyed, and new sanctions will become inevitable. Diversity will disappear. Many living areas will be destroyed under volcanic eruptions. Short and concise There will be no people living on Earth! We live in a world where we destroy ourselves. According to scientists, if a human being ceases to harm nature, nature renews itself within 50 years. But with this consumption frenzy, we destroy it forever.  We should act as responsible as the countries that play major roles in the world. Come on, hand in hand. Even the smallest step we take is very important when it comes to changes 🙂

Written by Nahibe Acar

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