Mario, share with us his experience as participant  in the Youth Exchange “Green life to make a difference”, in Italy. He teach us how this program help young people to get inspire and go out of their comfort zone.

Present yourself.

My name is Mario and I live in a village called Llanos del Caudillo (Ciudad Real, Spain) and I am a youth worker specialized in sports. I am 24 years old.

Between 22nd and 29th April I took part, as participant of Mille Cunti organzation, in the Youth Exchange financied by Erasus+ program “Green life to make a difference” in Napoles, coordinated by the Italian organization Gesco.

How did you hear about Erasmus+ programme?

Well, I did an animation course during which I learned something about the Erasmus+ programme but I was not that much interested in it. Later, I took part in a K3 project in Toledo where I heard more about it and I was more interested in.

Why did you decide to participate in the YE in Napoli, Italy?

Because our organisation (I’m part of a youth organization called Tahúr Eventos) did a youth exchange in the June two 2 years ago and I wanted to have some experience not only like an organization but like a participant what is completely different.

How was the youth exchange?  

I have learnt a lot, practised English (it was my biggest fear), met many amazing people and got even more inspired to participate in more projects like this.

What kind of activities did you do?

There were many things we did. For example, we did trekking and some cultural activities, then we had some workshops related to the topic of YE (environment), problem-solving activities, debates etc. All of these things were very beneficial.  

Do you think you can use the things you learned there?

I think so. I got inspired by many things, not only by activities but also by the way how it was organized. I really enjoyed it and could see how it works. I saw how they prepare it and I can use it in my future projects.

What would you say to young people that have not experienced it yet and are afraid of to make first step?

They should not be afraid of because there is nothing to be afraid of. To be honest, I was afraid of the language but if you meet right people and you have a good time with them you manage these language problems and in the end, you enjoy it very much.

Interview made by Radka Malinkakova from Slovaquia

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