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Do you think that citizens really know everything about sexuality?

I believe that in the world you do not really know all the necessary, people learn only what they want and there is not a good education about this either. That is why people do not understand and then conflicts can arise. It should be more open so that you can talk freely without any judgment.

It is thought that sexuality is something super forbidden and that you can not talk about, it is not like that. I really believe that you have more knowledge about the subject and more people can feel comfortable with each other.

But what is sexuality?

Sexuality should include an emotional and affective education that is an integral part of the health and well-being of the individual. Sexuality is expressed through thoughts, desires, attitudes, values, roles and relationships but they are not always expressed and are influenced by psychological, social, economic, political, religious and spiritual factors.

When we are little in schools, they teach us something about the subject, and the only thing we learn is about reproduction, and it is probably important but it does not only understand this, and where is the explanation about gender identity, sexual orientation and everything that follows ?

That nobody is taught, there are still several polemics on these issues, many people still do not know the difference between these issues, and judge without knowing.

If you think they would be too young to learn I think not, also because the first people who should teach children something are the parents but many of them influence the children wrongly and grow with the same opinion without creating your own.

It is important that from small begin to learn and value everything that is around us.

It is true that now thanks to the efforts of the LGBTQI + movement there is more tolerance and understanding, but not all over the world. Unfortunately other countries have remained conservative and do not accept it and this affects because it leads to discrimination that should not be.

I think it is essential that people can learn through an academic education so that they can better understand the life that surrounds them and have a more open mind. That will serve so that you do not have more prejudices and you can also live in harmony among others.

Witten by Alessia Barraca

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