No one is born shying away from sex topics


No one is born to shy away from sex topics. So, why so many people in our society are aware of it? How can we find a solution to this problem? In my opinion, the answer is a comprehensive sexual education.

Firstly, let’s check what is comprehensive sexual education. According to the definition formed by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/ Division of Adolescent School Health, comprehensive sexual education is: “A systematic, evidence-informed approach to sexual health education that includes the use of grade-specific, evidence-based interventions, but also emphasizes sequential learning across the elementary, middle, and high school grade levels. ESHE provides adolescents the essential knowledge and critical skills needed to avoid HIV, other STD, and unintended pregnancy. ESHE is delivered by well-qualified and trained teachers, uses strategies that are relevant and engaging, and consists of elements that are medically accurate, developmentally and culturally appropriate, and consistent with the scientific research on effective sexual health education.” Now I could finish my story because after reading this definition for me it’s obvious and I want to underline it, that every human kind should have access and right to comprehensive sexual education in school with a sex educator. Unfortunately, we are living in a world full of misunderstandings, so I would like to express my opinion more clearly.

Youngsters learn about sex from their friends, magazines, movies, and the internet, instead of adults that care about them and who are responsible for their safety, physical and psychological development. It’s a very sad, but true fact. It may cause a lot of confusion and not scientific proof quality information that young people can put in their life.

Scientists did research that compared Dutch and English pupils who have the same social economic status, but a different level of sexual education. Dutch is promoting sex as a normal, positive thing and England is focused on sex risks and abstinence. The average age of first sex initiation in both countries is almost the same. Results show that English students treated sex as something that can be described as: “You go to a party, you drink and you have sex”, they were chaotic and unsure about the information they got about sexuality, obscene or shy to speak about it. Dutch teenagers, even when they connected sex with parties they were able to speak about it in a mature, positive way. They could understand the importance of sexuality in human life with respect, responsibility, and consciousness of the consequences. (If you want to read more, feel free to get the knowledge: httpss://

Sexual education causes positive changes in sexual behavior. Can delay sexual initiation till the time the person will be consciously ready, increase use of condoms and other forms of contraceptives that helps decrease issues connected with infections. Teach youngsters how to take responsibility for their sexuality and how to take pleasure in sex. Improves communication between boys and girls that help them to build better and deeper relationships. Guide them in finding their sexual identity with acceptance and appreciation to others. What’s more, sex education decreases sexual violence. It happens thanks to coaching how to be assertive, how to recognize proper sex behavior and inappropriate one and how to react to it. Underlines the gender equality and the importance of respect to other humans sexuality.

Sex education is not only about information. It is more about preparing young people how to lead healthy, happy sexual and reproductive life. It gives them support to gain the necessary knowledge. I hope in the future all the people will get professional sexual education and it won’t be considered as a tabu topic anymore.

Written by Edyta Jasinska from Poland

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