Politic civic, in the class or not?


How many times talking to young people do they know how to answer on topics that refer to politics? How many of them are not interested at all what happens and prefer to do something different than inform themselves? Do you think it would be important for the school to actively participate so that students can learn something else?

In schools it is forbidden for teachers to propagandize their political ideas but I think it would be interesting to also know what people think that every day they teach us something to make sure that later we can reason and judge having a critical attitude towards the world that surrounds us

Unfortunately there is a shortage on this subject.

I think that if the school helps young people to understand more what happens in the world it would be easier for them to give their own opinion without being influenced by third parties. Because this is what happens most of the time, they are saying what they hear at home as a family or what other friends can say without being able to stand and try to think if that is really their idea or do not.

The school should be the first institution that helps young people to learn everything and have their own thoughts, it is the only place where we spend most of our time.

I think it would be interesting if you could introduce this type of subject in the classes, and because not that the students each week can bring what was said in the news or the newspapers as a task, or that you inform yourself a little during the week, Surely it will not make them very funny, but I think that sometimes just forcing them to do something they can also learn. It would be interesting if also in class they could express their opinions together to the teachers so that both parties can teach and learn at the same time. And why not take them to conferences, or create your own online newspaper at school so that each student can say theirs and together collaborate and exchange opinions.

We have to remind ourselves that we are the ones who have to improve what surrounds us and we can not do it if we do not have information as a basis. Certainly the information we read or hear is not always true, so it is our task to find a way to know what really happens and create our opinion.

Article written by Alessia from Italy

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