We learn all life. Everyday brings us something new, unexpected and interesting. Everyday we can achieve something important for us. this is the way how we grow up and getting mayor.

It is said we learn things during the whole life. Every day can bring us something new, some new information, new tools or even a new experience. We never know. There are things that we learn once and they stay in our mind for the rest of our life or things that we always forget. The great example is using the mobile, we learnt it once and anytime we change our phone we still know how to use a different one, then the same thing happens with a computer or even with driving the car. Another example of lifelong learning is the category of soft skills which are leadership, communication, creativity, collaboration or management that are very important besides hard skills.

It is the 21st century and our society requires a lot from us. Those who were born with the soft skills mentioned about are quite lucky because to get a job is easier for them but it does not mean that it is not possible to get these skills by learning. I am talking about the skills that are very useful in our daily life, even while playing some boring games with our friends we can see teamwork and cooperation, it means a lot because it can be applied in the future job and the employer can really appreciate it.

Combination of soft skills like communication, creativity, collaboration, teamwork, problem-solving, responsibility and leadership can provide us a good working environment, satisfied results and effective working process. As it is known, communication is the most necessary component not only in the work but everywhere. Learning process of communication is never finished, there are still details to improve and to work on them. We can develop on our vocabulary and to not use only very simple words to express ideas but more professional connected with our field of interest. All mentioned above about the communication can be also connected with creativity or teamwork in which the communication, I would say, is the most powerful element.  

As a good example can be a teacher working with little kids having hard skills how to teach and getting to know all the teaching process but with no communication skills. Little kids can feel that something is going wrong so the way of teaching the is not that effective as it is maybe expected. Therefore, in our future job, we could take in consideration that just to know how to do it is not always enough and maybe the way how we do it can bring us success.

Written by Radka Malinčáková from Slovaquia

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