Why young people don’t stand for election ?


Young people are not standing for the elections in the European Parliament here is the reason of this problem.

As a young person that I know we should stand for election, but we don’t seem to be enthusiastic enough about it, one of the reason of that is because we believe most of politics are not working for young people’s needs. Also young people are not interest about standing for elections because there is no this conjoncture of society which is meaning there is no enough education about active citizenship.

Young people are always bringing dynamism and fresh ideas and for that reason it is always better to keep parliamentos and commissions as much as young we can do.

If more of young people stand in the elections and take a place in European Parliaments that will bring more benefits and solutions for youth needs and also it will motivate young people in general for voting and being active citizens.

For encouraging young people standing in election first of all we should improve active citizenships by the non-formal education. Active citizenship is meaning active society and that is bringing more option, more ideas and more democratic areas and for sure young people will be pioneers for this works.

In other hand for keeping strong connection between parlementes and youth needs the city commissions are has to be youthful and active and and also frequently they should get a meeting with those city commissions.

Another option is bringing quota to have young parlements in parlementos by the this way all the political groups for each elections will have to show some young as a member in their elections.  

Finally, young people are not interesting for standing for elections and that is because un-active society for solution there should be more active citizenship education and bringing some rules to election system like bringing a quota of young people to have them in European Parliaments we will bring more fresh ideas and active citizenship by  this young people’s works.

This article was writted by Serkan Aba from Turkey

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