A great opportunity to learn about social media

  1. Present yourself.

Hi, my name is Andrei. I am 25 years old and I am a lawyer. I’m from Romania but I live in Spain since 2005. I currently live in Madrid, but I’m from a small town called Ciudad Real. I like soccer, partying and travelling.

2. Where did you go for the project?

Cascina di Monteoliveto in comune di Cortemilla, Italy. Cortemilia is a small town in the province of Cuneo in the Piedmont region.

3. Was it your first experience with Erasmus+ programme? Tell us more

No, it was the second one. My first experience with the Erasmus + program was in Ciudad Real: YOUTH EXCHANGE MUSIC CONNECTION-ASSOCIATION MILE CUNTI.

The Project was amazing. I learned new things, I enjoyed a lot, I made friendships and the most important, I learnt that MUSIC unites people. It was great!

4. Why did you decide to go for the project with Erasmus+?

Well, because it was a great opportunity to travel, meet people, make friends, and learn about a very important topic nowadays: Social Media.

5. What did you expect and did your expectations meet with the reality?

In general, I expected to make friends, learn new things … in short, have fun and enjoy.
The truth is that all my expectations were fulfilled. I learnt a lot, I enjoyed a lot and I made many friends with whom I keep in touch.

6. What did you learn there?

Well, I learnt a lot, for example, I improved my English, I learnt about others cultures, how to make a CV, how to use networks and social media properly…. But I think the most important thing I learnt is that we are very similar, we have similar dreams, plans, objectives, concerns…

7. Can you apply all the things you learnt there in your daily life?

Of course, now I try to spend less time on social networks, be more careful with social media, several companies called me because they liked my CV, I learnt how to do a CV during the project.

8. Do you have any funny story that happened during the project?

We have had a great time all the time, it would be difficult for me to highlight a story, maybe when I had to do an activity tied to my eyes and my team forgot that I could not see and they left me behind in the room. It was very funny, everyone was laughing.

9. Would you recommend it to other young people?

Yes, definitely yes. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

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