The European Union should serve so that everyone is more united and so that we can live better. But what happens if young people are the first ones who do not feel accepted as EU citizens? It is also important that you know what the EU is.

Young people always ask themselves what will happen to their futures and the problem of being still young does not give them the possibility to share or say your opinion. Unfortunately many of them do not know what to think about the elections and they know who to vote for.

They are very clear about what they do not want: they do not want a world where there is no work for them, they do not want a world where they lie next, they do not want a world where there is always social discrimination and they do not want a world where there are always wars.

I think it’s important that young people can participate in the elections because the generations change and the problems continue to arise without being able to do much to solve them.

Other times it happens that most of them do not realize or do not inform themselves about what happens in the EU, this making them less likely to be able to do something to improve it.

I think we should give the opportunity to them to express themselves and be able to give them the chance to be heard and can change something.
The adults always teach us that we have to learn everything, that it is important to know what is happening in the world, and above all that it is important to have an opinion of our own and fight for it.

I think the situation of being young is one of the most difficult covers because you have no chance of anyone listening to you, because you think that you are still not big enough to be able to say something.

When in fact I think that this is the age it adapts to be able to speak about the difficulties that could be solved, because they are problems that you live every day.

It would be a good idea if we started to give more confidence to young people so that they feel integrated into the community.
A EU also taken care of by young people will be a more human EU.

Interview writted by Alessia Barracca from Italy

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