Young lad Juan Diego from Spain is enthusiastic about the Youth Exchange that took place in Italy. It was not the first experience that he gained from Youth Exchange. As he said, he learnt many things, met many people and enjoyed the time in Italy during the project.

1. Present yourself.

My name is Juan Diego Sánchez Ramírez

2. Where did you go for the project?

I went to Italy in October, in Cortemilia.

3. Was it your first experience with the Erasmus + program? Tell us more.

No, my first time was in August on this site again. The project consisted of two parts, the first was taken in August and the second one in October.

4. Why did you decide to go to the project with Erasmus +?

Because I wanted a new experience, I wanted to learn more about the culture and language of the other countries.

5. What did you expect and did your expectations met with the reality?

Yes. This project was fantastic for me, I learnt about others cultures, languages, more about social media and I think that was incredible for me, I would participate in again.

6. What did you learn there?

In this second project, we were working on social media and I learnt how to make a web page and about how to move people on the internet.

7. Can you apply for all the things you learned there in your daily life?

Yes, of course. For example in normal social media like Instagram or Facebook.

8. Do you have any funny story that happened during the project?

Yes, of course. With my friends there I enjoyed all the time.

9. Would you recommend it to other young people?

Yes. I think that is a fantastic experience

This interview was realized by Radka Malinčáková

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