Youth unemployment and possible solutions


 Along with globalization the youth unemployment has been the one of the main problem of all countries without taking into consideration being developed or underdeveloped country. Substantial development could be provided for solution of youth unemployment problem by educational change and some supports. 

One of the most important problems of developed and developing countries is unemployment and employment. If it is managed correctly in every country, the young population, which can be the driving force, will quickly become a problem if the right measures are not taken and employment is not created. When we look at statistics, this problem seems to be a growing problem all over the world.

According to a study, 3 billion people in the world want to work, but only there are only 1.2 billion jobs opportunities. In particular, the population structure of developing countries requires the creation thousands of new jobs each year. . The main problem of youth unemployment is the lack of education in the labour market for the education they get and the profession they want to do. All in All, the problem is that young people cannot find jobs in the field they are educated in.

If we list the suggestions for solutions to these problems in general;

  • Lessons that encourage the development of students should be added to the curriculum by abandoning the education system that kills creativity.
    It should be ensured that the student is completely removed from the note anxiety and that his / her personal development should be focused on. It should not be forgotten that the seeds of start-up entrepreneurship are planted in primary and secondary education.
  • The quality and education of vocational high schools should be seriously increased to meet the needs of intermediate staff, and made attractive to have education there. Sector research should be done according to the needs of the market and the stuff should have education according to the needs.
  • The establishment of new companies, especially techno-venture companies, should be supported. Various initial setup supports should be provided.

The locomotive of this function will undoubtedly be hand in hand and support entrepreneurial employers. Therefore, it is necessary to start by developing a sense of mobilization in school life that will increase the number of employers who establish all kinds of large and small enterprises. Entrepreneurs working in today’s harsh competitive environment of the global world and their businesses; First of all, public administration, government cadres at all levels of the bureaucracy, political parties, universities, financial sector, media, civil society organizations and the support of all people need and support  and courage all the idea can be a future for a young.

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